OTT Pouch - The Story

OTT Pouch was founded in 2005 with the aim of addressing a noticeable gap in the UK market for storage solutions in schools. The principle behind the idea was to create robust classroom chair storage which would reduce pupil movement and disruption in lesson times by keeping all day books, stationery and drinks bottles to hand throughout the day.
OTT Pouch commissioned a sample run of 500 units in 2006 and carried tests out with Bureau Veritas to ensure the filled weight would not affect the stability of the chairs. Samples were sent to schools for a trial period of 4-6 weeks to see how the product performed in the classroom, and for valuable feedback from teachers and pupils.
The results were very encouraging; the OTT Pouch had made a difference to teacher control and discipline, increased personal storage, reduced breakages, and created neat and tidy work tables.

OTT Pouch has subsequently been supplying to KS1 & KS2 schools throughout the U.K. since 2007. It is making a positive impact on the teaching methods and classroom systems currently used.

The OTT Pouch has grown from strength to strength since 2007, winning awards along the way and is now an essential piece of equipment for hundreds of schools across the country. The OTT Pouch has survived the test of time and is still the only classroom chair pouch in the UK which boasts three sizes and a variety of colours.